Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of children and their families? You can help.

Make a one-time donation.

Simply make a one-time donation, or host a fundraiser at your company, church, school, club, or union.

Fundraise over a period of time and intern in Uganda with us.

Are you interested in a career in international development? At Children Welfare Uganda, we want to build reciprocal relationships that help you get your foot in the door. Fundraise for us and you will learn essential fundraising management skills as well as many more upon your arrival in Uganda. See our Volunteer section for more details.

Spare a few minutes a week to advertise our programs and updates.

Raising awareness about Children Welfare Uganda by sharing our posts on social networks, your website has a great impact and helps us continue our work empowering children and their families.

FAQ: What difference can my donation make?

Below are examples of what your donation can provide. Please keep in mind currency fluctuations can impact examples.

  • $1 buys a dozen exercise books for 1 child
  • $5 buys lunch for 1 child for a week
  • $8 buys scholastic materials for 1 child for one school term
  • $10 buys a school uniform for 1 child
  • $35 pays term schools fees for a day scholar child
  • $50 buys lunch for 10 children for a week
  • $100 supports 15 children for outpatient treatment
  • $200 provides 30 households with nutrition and early childhood development training kits
  • $700 provides 60 orphans with long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets
  • $1000 pays school fees and the necessary scholastic materials for 10 children for a school year

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