We strongly believes that; the early years of a child decide to a considerable extend, what the adult they will be. And the global future depends heavily on what it will have invested in the young generation (Children).

The qualities that are necessary for a healthy nation with vibrant economy and self reliant populations are laid down from infancy.

Investing in Early Child Development is one of the ways of giving a child a firm foundation upon which later experiences can be built for successfull life and the world’s future development.

Unfortunately, there is still luck of emphasis on Early Child Development in rural communities, Mubende District in particular. The task of executing Early childhood Development program is more left in the hands of private entrepreneurs who prefer to establish Early Child development businesses in urban areas where the services are financially affordable by many.

Amazingly, Early childhood development/ Education services are relatively expensive as primary education schemes in Mubende and Uganda at large. Leaving children in financially unprivileged communities (rural Communities) unconsidered.

Further more, rural societies have not priolatalized Early Child Development/ Education Services due to household challenges like ignorance, extreme poverty, domestic violence, child rights abuse/ neglect, family separation and singe Parenthood.

Also the long distances from deep in villages, does not favour little siblings to travel to urban areas where the services are established.

By understanding the fact that “Early Child development is a Right to every Ugandan child”, Miss Elizabeth Fortunate Bakanansa was obligated to engage the society in an officially coordinated system to enable rural children acquire free and easily accessible Early Child development Services, by founding Child Welfare Attainment Center Uganda in Mubende East Division.